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The Destructive Role of WikiLeaks-o- phobia in World Politics

No one interested in politics or non-politics does not know Julian Assange, the main spokesperson for WikiLeaks. Muslims, however,  have to thank God, because terrorist-o-phobia and Islam-o-phobia are pillage a backseat in today’s politics.  Thanks to WikiLeaks and its role in that change. Marx, when he described Capitalist system he refer to the seeds which may grow an antagonist to capitalism. In this part of his argument, Marx was right, for austere reason. The FREEDOM thought even arterial is elaborately adored in Western sphere, when absolution become anarchic and anesthetized disputation between politicians and business like people, absolution becomes the seeds that may destroy capitalism in general, and capitalist enterprises in particular.

The millions of documents, in a record or auditory or transcript forms are becoming not only distressing as described by the Secretary of United States Secretary, but becoming an inside conspiracy against absolution itself.   By the way I am not against freedom, but absolution is ductile word and in politics, politicians are politically right when it comes to interests, individually or nationally, or internationally.

Two years ago, in My  book, Crescentology theory : Theory C. of Conflict Management and Cultural normalization, I wrote in Arabic:

“The fourth instance of the obvious pseudo-reality diagrammatic applicable socially satisfactory if you want a athletic bucolic to open an ambassadorial in another country, the State contends that it needs to develop relations of cooperation between the two countries. And be true to the actuality of the buried esoteric to be achieved in several ways, including:
1. Control the decisions of the (host) government’s political, economic, and social aspects.
2. Marketing the products of the Great State and protect its interests,
3. The boot to open the international companies and the abuse of shameful labor,
4. Collect applied information for the athletic admit arterial espionage.

According to the theory semicircular-is: What emerges from the Crescent is the obvious pseudo-reality diagrammatic It corresponds to the definite situation socially satisfactory in the societies, i.e. what civilization can see arterial media channels or the public. The disregarded side (which is true) is a buried extrasensory side only Knowledgeable and reasonable thinkers. These thinkers  know the buried truth that did not appeared in political relations between nations. As well as the previous examples where the theory can be applied as semicircular.

This instance the earliest young man to the girl or vice versa has two aspects by the false obvious diagrammatic civilization agreed to accept it, and confident him socially and they called a attention´s and is similar to the diagrammatic side of the Crescent. The real buried central side and the goal to be achieved is to get married the girl, in additional sharp words,  to have intercourse with her,  like the buried side of the Crescent. It is not reasonable to say to a woman: I want you to have sexual intercourse with you. You may say, I want to get married you, or appear to show your feeling praising the woman skills, qualities, beauty, etc., instead.  Because it would be considered insane and would be area to burlesque and making fun. Similarly, in the second example.”

” The political instance about opening embassies, the objectives of any nation are clear: an advocate in exchange for ambassadorial representation is to compromise but the buried goal is the abuse of buried spyware and interest. For example, what makes the secretary of Defense frequent a accepted one, while the aftereffect´s is getting a deal for 80 Billion US Dollars  for armaments from some rich countries. Such deal does not need WikiLeaks to report it.

The only answer for such leaks, is to deny the whole process, while it is true. This is how politics work. WikiLeaks, may appear to create false information to get more reputation, and if not most documents are false, Much of them can be re-edited and falsified to serve assured interest, but not absolution of speech. So my recommendation to politicians is to flout wikiLeaks news and documents and accentuate positive relations with assured nations by doubling labors and decisions in the conclave to help out, the poor countries to believe athletic nations that they want world amity in the long run, not to dominate the world by capitalist ideas promote the rich to be richer. I believe Marx was right, and WikiLeaks may become the seeds which may destry Capitalism in the long run. This is not a affair of opinion, it’s a affair of reality. The absolute aftereffect´s is: This is politics with its both faces: the false and the true stand both for the centralized interest, where absolution is becoming the easy horse to ride for freethinkers. But the price cannot be Benton artlessly to characterize freethinkers from false journalistic thinkers. A absolute note, the WikiLeaks must be ignored, because much of what it may hide, may cost Eastern and western politicians a great deal. And politics cannot be pure, politics must for all time mean corruption by the minority athletic over the minority poor. This fact did not adjust ago Plato.

ByHasan A. Yahya (Palestinian Writer)

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