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Narendra Modi Declares Victory in Indian Elections

25 May 2019 New Delhi – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed success in India’s general election after all results showed his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 303 of the 543 seats defeating all other political parties combined.

Modi’s BJP is on track to increase its share of seats in the Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of parliament. It won 282 seats at the last election in 2014, pushing out the Congress party, which had ruled India for 54 of its 67 years since independence.

“Together we grow. Together we prosper. Together we will build a strong and inclusive India,” Modi tweeted on Thursday as it became clear his party was on track for a landslide that would lend him another five years in power.

The elections, in which some 900 million people were eligible to vote, played out in seven phases set over five and a half weeks, finally coming to a close on Sunday. Counting to determine the winner in the world’s largest democratic election began at 8 a.m. local time on Thursday morning, and results have been announced on Friday afternoon. Counting 600 million votes with electronic voting machines means the process is faster than in previous years.