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Pakistan Celebrates its 72nd Independence day

14 August 2018 – Exactly some 72 years ago, Britain has left its foot out of South Asia after their invasion and ruling this part of the world for more than 250 years as their colony. In a bloodless protest lead by Late Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Neharu, Mohammed Jinnah and julfiker Ali Bhutto and many more leaders of then East India company know to be India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and more.

Happy Independence day Pakistan!
Pakistan Celebrates its 72nd Independence day on Wednesday 14th August 2018.

on Wednesday, Pakistan celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, commemorating its freedom in 1947 from British colonial rule. In a message to the country, Pakistan’s Prime Minister-in-waiting Imran Khan said he is optimistic that the country can rise to the challenge to become the great nation envisaged by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Muhammad Iqbal. He had earlier appealed to the people to celebrate the occasion with full fever as “we are now moving towards Naya Pakistan and reclaiming Jinnah’s version”.

Khan Wednesday tweeted, “14 Aug 2018: On this Independence Day I am filled with the greatest optimism. Despite our grave economic crises, due to corruption and cronyism, I know if we are united in our resolve, we will rise to the challenge and Pakistan will become the great nation envisaged by our Quaid & Iqbal.” He also shared a picture of the two leaders at the Round Table Conference in London 1932. Imran will be sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on August 18.

Pakistan cricketer, musicians wish Independence Day
Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Wasim Akram and musician Farhan Saeed send wishes to people commemorating the 72nd Pakistan Independence Day.

The decisions regarding its (Pakistan) fate will be made through the vote: President Mamnoon
During the ceremony at the Convention Centre President Mamnoon observed that there is a hidden message between Pakistan’s independence day and general elections coinciding. He further said that the fate of Pakistan lay in the votes of people.

“It is a reminder that the way this country had come into being with the people’s will, in the same manner, the decisions regarding its fate will be made through the vote,” he said, adding that the Pakistani nation had stamped this very principle on July 25.

A Phone call by Indian PM Narendra Modi to Awaiting Prime Minister to be Imran Khan was a positive development towards their tough of war situation between two nuclear rich countries in South Asia.
High Commander of Pakistan appreciates the phone call made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan PM Imran Khan as “positive development”.

Nepalese President Vidya Devi Bhandari and Prime Minister KP sharma Oli expressed their gratitude towards prosperous Pakistan, happy and healthy Pakistani people and wished our bilateral relation in the region would further strengthen in the days to come.

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