Tragic view of A Mortuary in Barcelona city - Europe

Tragic view of A Mortuary in Barcelona city

19 April 2020 Barcelona, SPAIN – As World is fighting to survive from Pandemic of Corona Virus, Spain hit hard and casualties in Spain is higher in numbers and shortage of graveyard are now the major issue for Spanish authority and health workers.

Jordi Fernandez, who has been involved in the burial procession for the past two years, did not think he would have to look as bad as he does now. His funeral home in Barcelona is now disturbed.

His main responsibility is to ‘provide peace’ to the body during the funeral. His job, rather than the obvious, is to prepare the funeral procession according to the ritual.
Since most of the bodies come from corona-virus, namely the people who died of Covid-19, he has not been able to function properly.

Since the crisis was declared on March 7, stringent rules have been announced for funeral homes. Considering the increased risk of the Corona virus spreading more rapidly, Fernandez’s regular work has been terminated, according to a new law. Relatives do not even have the opportunity to look at the face of the deceased for the last time.

The corpse now infected with the corona virus is placed directly in the coffin with a plastic bag. In the past, Fernandez dressed the body in a coffin with great patience and caution.

‘I used to put a staircase on the head of a corpse first because then they would always need a staircase,’ said Fernandez’s tears, saying, ‘This is not the way to show respect and affection.’

Fernandez, now standing outside the parking garage converted into a mortuary, says, ‘I never imagined this day to be seen.’

The bodies of the slaughterhouses have not been able to recover since the crematoriums and mausoleums are not empty. The air conditioner has to be kept in order to keep the body from falling.

According to health officials, about 90,000 people have died in Spain so far due to the corona virus. This number is likely to be much higher, Fernandez estimates. According to him, there are 3 times more dead bodies than this time.

It was only on Wednesday that Catalonia’s regional authorities first publicized the death toll from the Corona virus on the basis of the crematorium.

According to the statistics so far, 1,949 people have died from the corona virus-related symptoms in the area. This number is almost double the Catalan health authorities released earlier. Until then, the Corona virus only used to record the deaths of people in hospitals and nursing homes.

In most cases the corona virus infections are the most common symptoms of fever and cough. Especially for the elderly and those with heart problems, the corona virus can cause serious effects, even to the point of death.
According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 100,000 people have died so far due to the corona virus worldwide. Experts in the health sector believe the figure is even higher.

While Spanish authorities have begun to lock in and prevent others from believing that the Corona virus epidemic has reached its peak, the number of dead bodies in Barcelona’s cemetery is higher than when they go to the burial ground or cremated.

There is such a huge demand for funerals in the crematorium that all the six burial houses in the city cannot be sustained even after being kept open for 3 hours. Authorities are now forced to think about the option of finding a place for a temporary burial ground.

At the tombs, only three people are allowed to attend the funeral. According to Fernandez, relatives attending the funeral do not even look at the face to determine if the body inside the coffin belongs to their man.

‘Our hearts are shattered when we say that we cannot show the face of the deceased to our relatives,’ says Fernandez, ‘but we are reminded that this is not to prevent the outbreak, but to accept it.’

In this case Fernandez also has another experience. His wife’s grandparents also passed away from the Corona virus. They didn’t even see Grandma’s face for the last time.

The coffin occupants occupy the car’s place inside the air-conditioned garage with name-tags. The staff also looks busy.

There is also an impending snowfall in the car. White vehicles come from hospitals, nursing homes, residential areas, and so on. The carcasses are kept in the garage. Sometimes a black vehicle arrives, picking up the body and taking it to the tomb.

Fernandez and his colleagues are doing their best to focus on their work. The workload has increased.

‘We are dying every day. We have already accepted it. It’s normal for us, ‘he says,’ but when you think for a moment every coffin has a man, a family, a story, it distracts you.

Source: Associated Press