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Two years in jail may get for daughter’s death

egyptian child fall from a building in Abu dhabi
The building on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi where the three-year-old Egyptian girl fell to her death from a fifth-floor apartment on Tuesday night.

FEB 04, 2012 – Abu Dhabi UAE – Taking care of children under aged are parents first responsibility rather than anything else, this has been in focus in many country but due to financial crisis and many other life’s expectancies, parents has to leave their children in someone’s hand or unattented for a long period of time.

In a recent incident in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Police have referred the parents of a child who died after falling out of an apartment window to the general prosecution.
The federal law prescribes a jail term of between one month and two years for every time a person endangers the life of a child below the age of 15 or a person incapable of caring for themself.

The penalty could increase to a three-year term if the person at risk was left unattended. If that person was left in the care of a guardian, then the guardian is equally guilty of the crime.

The three-year-old Egyptian girl, who fell to her death on Tuesday night, narrowly escaped death a month ago after a policeman noticed her seated precariously on a window ledge. He rushed to the apartment and broke down the door after no one answered, managing to save the little girl’s life. Both her parents were at work.
However, despite hearing of the horror that had been averted, the parents of the young girl failed to take additional measures to make their home safe.

Instead, they left the child in the care of their aunt on the fateful day, and went to their respective workplaces. The aunt fell asleep and the curious girl, seeking to a view of the world from the living room window, fell to her death.
“The parents were accused of endangering the lives of others. Leaving children at home unattended risks their safety and is a crime punishable by law,” said Brigadier Maktoum Al Sharifi, director of the Capital Police Directorate.

“It is impossible for the police to station a guard at every window of every apartment where children are present in Abu Dhabi. This is the principal responsibility of the family and the children’s guardians,” he added. “These tragedies continue to happen despite the numerous warning campaigns embarked on by the police and the media fostering awareness of these dangers and asking parents to pay attention to the safety of their children.”
Al Sharifi once again called on parents not to allow their children to approach open windows or balconies.
Flooded with readers’ reactions
Gulf News was flooded with readers’ reactions on the accident in which a three-year-old girl died after falling from a fifth-storey flat along Airport Road in Abu Dhabi.

Chris from Sharjah wrote: “We all take care of our children and do our best to ensure their safety. But the fact remains, that every second and minute cannot be monitored, which has to be taken care of. I have a son of three and half who is taken care of by my mum all the time. We have windows instead of balcony. To ensure safety I have asked one grill supplier to install one for me.”
Office timings
Roshni from Dubai called on authorities to consider relaxing office timings for working mothers.
“All have responsibility towards their family and children. Those mothers working in the government institutes get to go home by 3pm. But the parents in private sector [firms] reach home late.”

She suggested that authorities consider running daycare centres near parents’ offices to ensure the safety of children..
Margie from Abu Dhabi said “this is a very devastating, heart breaking news. My heart goes to the little girl.”