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Japan extends state of emergency until May 31

05 May 2020 Tokyo  – Had fought world war, has thousands of earthquake and still growing, but a virus has made everyone scared and life is most important things in the world now. No one is giving life as we had only one life. One of the strongest economy and most innovative people in the world, Japanese are suffering from corona virus badly and its economy too.

To protect people from mass dying, Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe has announced yesterday that his country will remain in the status state of emergency till end of May.

Mr Abe announced that he will consider lifting the state of emergency without waiting for its May 31 expiration if expert advisors decide that is possible based on detailed analysis of regional infection trends, he said at a meeting of the government’s corona-virus task force.

He said his advisors said that Japan had not seen the explosive surge in infections seen in some countries overseas, but the number of new infection cases had not fallen enough and there were regions where the medical system was facing strains.

“Based on that view, I will extend the state of emergency that was announced on April 7 until May 31,” Abe said, adding that it would remain nationwide.

For the 13 prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka that have been hardest hit, a target of reducing person-to-person contacts by 80% would remain in place, Abe said.

Japan will move gradually to a framework that will combine prevention of the spread of infections with maintaining social and economic activities, he added.
Even though Japan has not seen a huge outbreak compared with some global hot spots, the corona virus has infected 15,913 people and killed 542 in the country, according to public broadcaster NHK.

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