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Iranian Girl Aged 13 Beheaded by Her Father as Honor Killing?

The World is advancing with the unthinkable invention, innovation, and development in various areas of our society. Some people around us are still in a stone-aged mindset with conservative thinking. How much do we love our kids? What is our pride? Does pride rely on once’s caste, creed, color, religion, or what?

We are just debating on a love tragedy murder case in far west Nepal, similar honor killing of a 13-year-old Iranian girl Named Romina Ashrafi are being headlines of the world.

According to the news reports, a 13-year-old Iranian girl has been beheaded in a so-called “honor killing” by her father while she was sleeping, Iran International TV claimed yesterday.

The vice president of women’s affairs in Iran announced a special order to investigate the murder in Talesh.

The teen reportedly fled the family home with a 35-year-old man after her father expressed outrage at their plans to get married.

Local media reported that although Romina told authorities she would be in danger at home and feared for her life, they handed her back as required by the country’s laws. Back at home, it is alleged her father used a sickle to kill her.
Her father was arrested for the ‘honor killing’ and the investigation into her murder is ongoing.

Honor killings are committed by male members of a family against women who are perceived to have brought dishonor upon the family.

Following Romina’s death, Iran’s president urged his Cabinet to speed up harsher laws in so-called honor killings.

Iran, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh tops the list of honor killing lists as most of the country’s population is low literacy rate, and pride of males should be covered by women all the time.

What is your opinion on the series of honor killing around the world? Your feedback is welcome.