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British Nepali rights workers freed In Qatar

Missing So Called Human Rights Researchers from Britain who has Nepalese  ancestry.
Missing So Called Human Rights Researchers from Britain who has Nepalese ancestry.

09 September 2014, DOHA – Violating the rule of Land and capturing videos or photograph without permission from authority in gulf region is a punishable crime with deportation of the captured person along with penalty, confiscation of their video or photographs and jail term, In a recent case of Two so called British human rights workers of Nepalese origin detained in Qatar have been released after eight days on Saturday.

Human rights researcher Krishna Upadhyaya and photographer Gundev Ghimire, ethnic Nepalis who hold British citizenship, were missing since last Sunday. The duo was employed by the Norway-based Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) for the task.

Qatar had confirmed that the right workers were detained as they “violated the law of the land”. The Qatari foreign ministry issued a statement late on Saturday saying they were arrested for violating legal provisions.

After being freed, Upadhyaya and Ghimire updated their status on social networking site facebook posting about their release. ‘Just released , will fly in two days time! We do not have mobile yet, so wait for our calls’, Upadhyaya posted on his facebook account.

Upadhyaya and Ghimire were supposed to depart from Qatar on August 31 but never boarded the plane. They had sent a message to a colleague, saying they were being followed by plainclothesmen, which gave the GNRD a lead to suspect their arrest. They had been conducting a research on the working conditions of migrant labourers.

After crowned the world cup venue by FIFA for the year 2022, Qatar is constantly attacked by British, American and European Media for so called human righs abuses, worker’s working condition and so on. Qatar is not only employing Nepalese citizens for their development work, there are more than 85 Nationalities are working inside Qatar and most of them are happy to be there.

There may be some short of violations during the work and may be someone is not paying enough as they have promised, but we should not forget that Qatar is the land for more than 600 thousand Individual’s Nepalese job station and more than 3 Million Nepalese does survive from those remittances from Qatar alone.

The Target of such so called human rights group, or any other foreign media in Qatar is planned media attack to steal the FIFA world cup from Qatar and re-Organize elsewhere, those media were not reporting any violations before the event, and those violated are not even punished but only broadcasting in the visual media is aimed to distract Nepalese from entering Qatar for job and business. It a blame game only.

Source: AFP/ Agencies