When I Was A Kid - Music Video - Music

When I Was A Kid – Music Video

As I grew up in a fabulous town in Nepal, I had some opportunity to work towards my dream even I was a kid. This Music was my debut modeling work and was kind of a good feeling. watch it down.

Kasto Maya diyau.....Nepali Song.mp4

This video is a tribute to my co-star (Late Anmol Adhikari) who is no more in this world physically, yes he was a great guy and a close friend of mine, we have grown up almost together in the same area with the almost same status of everything that a human being could get and need to have. He was a charming and kind boy and only kid of his family.

We feel sorry that he has an accident which has taken him away from us physically but you will live in our memory friend. May your departed soul rest in Paradise. We pray to almighty for your peace and have a better place in heaven.