Nepali song-Authi Kusaiko - Music

Nepali song-Authi Kusaiko

Nepalese music industries has grown up so popularly, those days a nice song has few hundred viewers, but today due to social media and more access to the technology and mobile devices, any kind of videos get viral almost instantly.

This song below is one of the hit song some 10 years ago, we have not heard these duets for long time. we hope they will resume their journey of vocal war soon.

Authi kushaiko औठी कुसैको by Bimalraj Chhetri/Bishnu Majhi

My very favorite songs are in this song and Bimal Raj Chhetri and Busun Majhi take a beautiful sworhe, as you listen to this song, you can not even listen to this song and I remember the old days after listening to this song.