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ATM Nepali Romantic movie song

Kathmandu – I am not sure whether this movie would be available for public viewing or not, but the movie definitely highlights the young generation of Nepali society. Some of the dialogues must remove from the movie or sensor or else it is fine.

ATM is one of the upcoming Nepali Movies of 2012. The Movie is termed to be an adult movie and has attracted severe attention from the Nepali Cinema Board. The movie has a lot of vulgar dialogues, bed scenes, sexual acts, and more which may not be per the Nepali community to screen in cinema theaters.

ATM  is another new trend in Nepali movies directed by Yadav Silwal. Nowadays Nepali producers and directors produce different new trends in films. Loot, Chappali Height, and Saayad are examples of new Nepali films which got too much love from viewers. More sexy scenes and hot dresses In this film. its sex oriented film.
There are 3 heroines in this movie and we hear that there was a fight between two heroines Jiya K.C. and Sabina Karki that who will give long shots for those hottest scenes.

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Details about the Movie.
Movie: ATM
Actor: Dinesh Karki, Jiya KC, Soniya KC, Sabina Sharma
Cinematographer: Ratna Karki
Action: Shankar Maharjan
Editor: Dawa Sherpa
Producer: Kusma Bhudathoki
Director: Yadav Silwal