Late Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Ceremony Completed - Videos

Late Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony Completed

London – The funeral program has been completed on the 11th day of the passing of British Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London. Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.
Hundreds of thousands were lined up to pay their last homage and say goodbye to their beloved queen in the streets of London to Windsor of Scotland. Hundreds of state heads, Prime ministers, Royals, celebrities, ex-national heads, and thousands of professional personnel attended the ceremony.
It was one of the largest and most well-managed tearful farewells to a demised monarch of living memory.
At the end of the state funeral, a nationwide silence was observed for two minutes to pay respect to the late Queen.
It took almost 9 hrs for the process of the funeral, and most of the television networks live broadcast. We have posted the live telecast below here.

Late Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Ceremony live - Full video

Video Courtesy: The Telegraph /ITV

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