Zero Hour - A Royal Massacre Of Nepal - Documentary

Zero Hour – A Royal Massacre Of Nepal

Late Roayal family of Nepal who was Massacred back in 2001.
Late Roayal family of Nepal who was Massacred back in 2001.

The Saddest anniversary of the Royal Massacre of Nepal is just a few days ahead of us to complete its 13 Years of nonconformity, suspicion and people in Nepal still think the incident was just happened last night.

Here i came across a documentary produced by a Canadian film and documentary production team named “Zero Hour”, the sighted the story was best visualize on the account of eye witness and report of Nepalese government’s finding on investigation after the incident, but i could not be with them as there are many fake stories and unmatched situations are embedded with the story, This was aired by History channel few months ago as well.

The massacre story featured in the third season of the documentary series Zero Hour, based on a reconstruction of the event taken from surviving eyewitnesses. The video on you tube already got 118 dislikes and 42,386 views. Please watch the full video and comment : Why TV channel like History Channel made documentary without knowing the exact truth about What happened that night on June 1st 2001?

Well, i dont blame anybody but the royal family members who are alive today is supposed to tell the truth to every people of Nepal how it happens and why? Instead of making such a drama on royal massacre which i think its totally unfair. So unbelievable.

Please write your comments and other findings as it may help others to understand about the case.