The Mystery Beneath the Sea - Documentary

The Mystery Beneath the Sea

We heard many mystery things around the world and some of them are unsolved for several years. What lies beneath the sea, how it became so mysterious and no one even using modern technology could not solve those incidents?

The Baltic Sea is the final resting place for many wondrous artifacts from sunken battleships to sealed champagne bottles dating back over a hundred years. In June of 2011, a Swedish expedition company detected the outline of an object which one could literally characterize as “out of this world”. If proven true, the uncovering of an unidentified flying object in Earth’s waters will certainly constitute the most meaningful archaeological find in human history. The thrilling documentary The Mystery Beneath traces this unprecedented underwater excavation project, and chronicles the challenges, media fervor, and anonymous threats that plagued explorers along the way.

An expedition of this magnitude requires vast resources and generous funding. With this in mind, the team decided to go public with their initial findings. The scientific community understood the implications of such a discovery and was justifiably intrigued. Mass media was quick to sensationalize the discovery, and stoked the inflamed rhetoric of conspiracy theorists and fear mongers. Could this enigmatic structure – which bore a striking resemblance to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars in early sonar images – actually be a doomsday device in waiting? The need for answers was great, and the expedition team were soon given the tools they needed to find them.

In their attempts to relocate and ultimately identify the object, the explorers must contend with the possibility of surveillance from surrounding countries, malfunctioning equipment, and a series of perilous environmental factors and safety concerns. Viewers will gain a deep respect for these treasure hunters, particularly the divers who risk death in the depths of a black sea for the chance to make history.

Finding and documenting the object is only the beginning. Once the divers collect samples and visual documentation of the mystery structure, the team must work feverishly to decode even more clues, salvage their reputations amidst growing public skepticism, and defend against an increasingly antagonistic press and harrowing personal threats. The journey produces bouts of giddy wonder and deflated morale in equal measure.

The Mystery Beneath is a pulse pounding adventure into the unknown, but it’s also an inspiring portrait of human curiosity and resolve.

Directed by: Magnus Egler