Growing the food Forest Revolution - Documentary

Growing the food Forest Revolution

16 May 2020 – Life to exist on this planet need food and mouth are increasing massively as compared to the production of enough food the people and other living creatures to sustain.

As per the estimation of various scientists around the world, our population would reach 7 Billion by the end of 2025, and another billion every 12 years as per the current growth rate. How do we feed them?

To find the solution, A quiet revolution is taking root in streets, schools, and parks around Aotearoa, New Zealand; seeding long-term, multi-generational solutions for our food.

Edible Paradise explores a return to the commons – showcasing the growth in the public plantings of heritage fruit & nut trees in communities throughout New Zealand. Capturing the birth of the food forest movement that is about much more than sustainability. It is He Tangata – The People. It is the people who come together to connect & share both this abundance and the intangible social benefits that are the heart of community food development.

Beginning our food forest | Summer garden tour

Captured over four years as part of the Localizing Food Project, Edible Paradise travels to the four corners of Aotearoa to meet with local food campaigners instrumental in creating edible landscapes in their patch. These practical & inspiring examples define community in action, establishing food forests that will be a legacy for future generations.

Are you willing to grow food in the forest? IF you have more to share, please let’s contribute.