A True Story : End of the Spear - Documentary

A True Story : End of the Spear

End of the Spear
End of the Spear, a documentary on tribal culture of Amazon forest.

It shows the lives of some missionaries who give their lives to God and true love for souls where swimming is not expected to change, only know the one true God.These tribes have always been better without our intervention. These tribes are anthropologically young companies that are traversing steps and other companies have atravezado. I find it sad the comments of some people who try to barbarians and have the arrogance to think we are better, as they use spears “civilized” Asama bombs and guns and machine guns are much better. Although with good intentions usually harm them.

Strong task of evangelize. In many stages of humanity, has not been easy to see or understand, but progress has been made, even at the cost of sacrifices vain or necessary. Do what your heart says.
Watch the full film of this tribal History, It is not in English but Subtitle in English:

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