A journey of love and freedom - Documentary

A journey of love and freedom

White yaks
A white Yak roaming around the Annapurna Region, Nepal

08 June 2015 Kathmandu – When you fall in love with something, someone there is nothing impossible in this world. Love not only your own species, to the creatures that lives along with you, that is what main mantra of Buddhism. Love all living creatures.

This is a story of a Lama who is fallen in love with a type of animal which he want to save them from slaughtering for meat and saving them for few more years as transporting them to a community for animal’s betterment and to help those poor residents with some financial help as well.

This is a story begin in Kathmandu and ended up in the high Himalayas in Rolwaling valley, north east of Kathmandu. Lama bought some 108 Himalayan Yaks from the herds, and transfer them to the new home with blessing.

108 Yaks - A journey of love and freedom

108 yaks a journey of love & freedom is a remarkable and original story about bearing hardship for the love of the gentle and peaceful yak. Inspired by the advice of his guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a monk leads a herd of Himalayan yaks across a rugged terrain of mountain passes, narrow valleys, freezing rivers and treacherous cliffs to a remote haven in the high grasslands of northeastern Nepal. Every step taken on this brave journey is to save these wonderful animals and grant them liberation.

Produced and directed by Geshe Thubten Jinpa (Kopan Monastery)