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Will these Hotels and Restaurants be taken down?

28 July, 2018 Lakeside, Pokhara – Nepal is blessed with so many natural resources and scenic beauty which has attracted thousands of foreign tourist every year and had helped its growth in GDP.

Pokhara, the city known for it’s beauty, attracts lots of tourists and the main attraction is Lakeside, because of which hundreds of hotels and restaurants are built here. But recently a rumor has spread that the restaurants and hotels that are within the range of 75 meters from Lake will be taken down.

Government claims that these restaurants and hotels are polluting the water and affecting the lake and within a certain time they’ll be taken down. But, will that really happen? There are more than 300 restaurants and hotels within that range including some of the most famous restaurants in the area.

According to local people they claim that this rumor is being spread from a long time now but has still not come in action. Hopefully it won’t not happen because that action from the government will affect in tourism sector a lot since almost every visitor loves to watch the lake and enjoy their food. Also Nepal’s second source of foreign currency is tourism.

If lake remains would lake side. Business owners near the lake should act urgently before lake vanishes by junks and dirt.


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