Avalanche Victims Rescued and Airlifted to Kathmandu - Trekking

Avalanche Victims Rescued and Airlifted to Kathmandu

As trekking season started in Nepal, the Mountains and its basecamps along with the way to those trekking routes are getting busy but accidents and natural disasters have hit so early in the Manaslu region this year.

Some trekkers and climbers who were trapped in an avalanche in north Gorkha’s Manaslu base camp were reported and were asked for a rescue.

As news breaks, a rescue mission was set by the authorities to save lives and Four people stuck in an avalanche at base camp III of Manaslu mountain in North Gorkha have been rescued.

Two persons who were caught in the avalanche were rescued by helicopter and sent to Kathmandu for treatment while another two persons were rescued from camp III and brought to camp II, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police of District Police Office, Gorkha, Leelaraj Lamichhane.

The identity of the four persons who were rescued is yet to be known. Two of the injured who were rescued were brought to Samagaon and then taken to the capital Kathmandu by helicopter.

DSP Lamichhane said that two more who were rescued later could not be brought to Samagaon due to bad weather.

A total of 13 people were learned to have reached camp III from the base camp through four different agencies The police said that the search for other missing persons is going on. An avalanche hit camp III of Manaslu mountain this morning.

According to the Gorkha Police, 333 foreign mountaineers who went climbing the Manaslu mountain have reached the base camp as of Saturday alone.

Manaslu is the less crowded trekking and climbing route in Nepal whereas other popular mountains are a bit crowdy and expensive to travel on. Due to such, the Manaslu area is getting interesting for tourists in recent years.