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24 Times to the Top – Kami Rita Sherpa scales the Mt. Everest again

21 May 2019- KATHMANDU – Climbing of Mt. Everest is a dream of many enthusiasts and mountain climber but it is not that easy task to do so. Passion for mountain, dedication, skill, money and dream of being on top would drive someone several times to the top by risking their lives too.

Climbing Everest for Sherpa are a day job for many Sherpa people but some are passionate to make records too.

One more time, Veteran climber Kami Rita Sherpa on Tuesday scaled the Mt. Everest for 24th times to break his own world record for most summits on the world’s highest peak.

Kami Rita, who had summited Everest 23rd times only last week to set record of most summits on Mt. Everest, stood on top of Everest together with other Sherpa. He summited the Everest a day after fixed rope to Everest summit on Monday.
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“At 6:38 am today he climbed the Everest 24th times,” Director of the Tourism Department, Mira Acharya, told Republica from the Everest Base Camp adding, “It’s great for all of us.”

49-year-old Kami Rita has been climbing Mt. Everest since 1994. He couldn’t climb the Everest in 1995 after his client got sick on the way to summit. In 1995, he abandoned the summit bid after deadliest avalanche killed expedition teams.

Back in 2017 Kami became the 3rd person to climb Mt. Everest for 21 times, equalizing the counts with Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa. He broke record for set record of most summits on Mt. Everest in 2018.

We wish Kami Rita and his team along with all the climber who are in the region at this time for safe return home.