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Star Malik’s Peace Quest

Star Malik
Star Malik’s Quest to spread the message of Peace between India and Pakistan has reached to Dubai recently.

28 JANUARY 2015 Dubai UAE – Who want war at this time? As those war lords are now the prosperous peace makers around the world. We must fight for our rights, for our better living, better community and the better world and peace doesn’t comes through bullets and guns says Pakistani Peace activist Star Malik.

Pakistani national Star Malik is a peace activist. with different vision and he have attempted something real and noble,  Unlike other peace activists who hold placards and message boards saying ‘End of War’, Some has tried to cycle the world in a bicycle, some tried to walk barefoot throughout the world but  Malik has chosen a very different route to spread the message of peace.

Fast gaining recognition as the ‘Peace and friendship envoy for Pakistan and India’, Malik started a ‘peace journey’ from London on December 12, 2012 (12-12-12) at 12:12:12pm. Since then, Malik has been driving his peace car, which has traveled through 21 countries.

His real name is Shakeel Malik who hails from Rawalpindi in Pakistan is in Dubai with his peace car recently, promoting better and peaceful relations between Pakistan and India. Malik said that in his journey throughout those countries, he has seen scores of Indians and Pakistanis living side by side peacefully and amicably in foreign countries. “However, in their home countries, the tension between the two nationalities is very thick,” said Malik, in an interview with Local Meida.

Malik wants to eventually take all lessons that he has learned from his travels to his hometown in Pakistan and also in India. “I want to show everyone back home, as to how both nationalities are living amicably in foreign countries,” he said.

Malik’s journey started in 2007 when he was diagnosed with Kerataconus, a rare eye disease. After he was diagnosed with this condition, his vision became extremely blurry and he began listening to the radio a lot more as compared to watching television. “At that time, I couldn’t see much and I used to listen to a lot of radio. I heard the story of a young couple who had to get divorced because they had an Indo-Pakistan marriage in the UK. The families went through a lot of pressure, and for me, the story was very touching because I was going through a rough patch myself with the loss of vision,” said Malik.

After he was treated, Malik decided to take the road trip of his life. “I ship the peace car to wherever I am travelling and spend a few days speaking to different members of the Indian and the Pakistani community. I take videos of them and post it on my YouTube channel so that people back home can see it, and realise” he added.

Star malik
Peace Activist from Pakistan Mr Star Malik

The journey is being undertaken in three phases. In the first phase, Malik traveled through 13 countries of the European Union. The second leg of the journey included travelling through six Gulf counties (GCC), ending with the UAE, after which he will travel to Pakistan and India.

Malik completed the first two parts of his journey through 19 countries with passion, hard work and determination to promote peace between the people of the two countries. During this journey, Star Malik faced considerable problems but he never gave up and completed the second part of his journey and came to the UAE on January 18.

All funding for his travels comes from Malik and he does not look for financial benefactors for the cause. Malik left behind everything that is familiar to him for the cause. Malik will stay in the UAE till February 5.

Star Malik’s recently released video trailers of his Gulf tour, and videos of European countries are available worldwide on YouTube as well as on Dailymotion in Pakistan. Further details about Star Malik are documented on his personal website at: www.starmalik.com.

If someone really want to change the situation, he/she may contact him and help him to spread the love of Peace.

Source: KT Online

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