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Nepal to mark 2012 as Visit Lumbini year

JAN 07, 2012 Kathmandu – Government of Nepal has decided to name 2012 as the “Visit Lumbini Year” consecutively after the Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Lumbini, some 300 km far southwest of Kathmandu is the birth place of Shakyamuni Siddhartha Gautam a.k.a Lord Buddha.

Lumbini meaning lovely is also an United Nations Educational, Scientific,and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site specifically nominated for the international World Heritage program.

With the aim of promotion and exposure of the Lumbini as the major touristic destination, the government decided to dedicate the year 2012 for the birth place of Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha.

According to the legend, Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama, who been inlightened as the Lord Buddha and Promoted Buddhism tradition and he lived there centuries before.

A press conference was organized by the Ministry of Culture on Monday 24th December 2012 to disseminate the information regarding the Visit Lumbini 2012.

A national secretariat has been formed under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai.

Speaking at the press meeting, Minister for Culture Gopal Kirati said that the government launched the campaign with the view of exposing Lumbini to the international community and inviting foreign and national tourist as well to visit the holiest site.

“The government has planned to bring some 1 Million and above tourist to Lumbini in the year 2012”, Minister Kirati said.

He added that Lumbini is the major hub for religious visitors of Buddhist faith in and around the neighboring nations and around the world.

Talking to Xinhua on Monday, Rajendra Thapa Magar , Member Secretary of the national Secretariat formed for the Visit Lumibini 2012 said that business community around Lumbini are excited with the news.

He informed that recent data showed that approximately 600,000 tourist both national and international visited Lumbini in the year 2010. “For the national tourist we have developed a slogan–Go to Lumbini once”, he said

He added that the major tourist targeted for the Lumbini are Chinese, Sri lankan, Thai, and S.Koreans.

He informed that infrastructural development of the area of Lumbini is must for the upcoming big tourism event.

Nepalese government is inviting high profile international personnel such as Hollywood Superstar, Bollywood Superstars, Chinese Superstars and various leaders from around the world be be the goodwill ambassador for the event and promote Lumbini as the ultimate tourist destination in the world.

What is your plan for the year 2012? Let’s Visit Lumbini before you die…and leave your footprint at the holiest site on earth.

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