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WordPress 3.0.1 Released

Kathmandu July 31, 2010-Most Promising blogging software wordpress has released their latest version of  WordPress version 3.0.1 after its release of 3.0 42 days ago. It has more than 11 million downloads withing just 42 days and new improve version may go higher.

WordPress 3.0 is already over a month old now. This WordPress 3.0 (which is also known as Thelonious) was released on June 17th, 2010. There are many people not yet upgrade their WordPress to the major version 3.0. It is because they predict the WordPress 3.0 is not stable yet. They need to wait at least the WordPress 3.0.1 which will be surely fixed some issues at WordPress 3.0. Yes, there are many people who decide to wait at least for WordPress 3.0.1 because of the WordPress new major version characteristic.

I fully agree with their reasons even though I directly upgrade this blogging tips blog back then. I upgrade it because I can not hold back again since I heard that WordPress 3.0 make many improvement if compare with the WordPress 2.9.2 (the latest version of 2.0 major version). I agree with their reasoning to wait at least for WordPress 3.0.1 because it is known that each new WordPress major version will be followed by releasing of minor version soon.

It is because the major version usually has some bugs in it which will be fixed by upgrading to minor versions. It seems WordPress 3.0 is not an exception. Finally, After over a month, the WordPress 3.0.1 as the newest minor upgrading version of WordPress 3.0 is launched on July 29th, 2010. This WordPress 3.0.1 is claimed as maintenance release. The database version (db_version in wp_options) is changed to 15477. This WordPress 3.0.1 fixed 55 issues total also add unregister_nav_menu() for child themes.

So, if you are one of the people that decide to wait for minor upgrading before upgrade your WordPress to WordPress 3.0 major upgrading, Finally, You can upgrade your WordPress now. The maintenance upgrading version, WordPress 3.0.1 is released now. I my self directly upgrade this blogging tips blog to WordPress 3.0.1 through automatic update at WordPress dashboard. And there is no problem at the upgrading process.

If you already have installed wordpress 3.0 in your server then you can automatic upgrade from your admin area to the new version easily. Happy WordPressing everyone!