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What is FFMPEG

FFmpeg is a computer program that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video in numerous formats. FFmpeg is a command line tool that is composed of a collection of free software / open source libraries. It includes libavcodec, an audio/video codec library used by several other projects, and libavformat, an audio/video container mux and demux library. The name of the project comes from the MPEG video standards group, together with “FF” for “fast forward”.

The project was started by Fabrice Bellard (using the pseudonym “Gerard Lantau”), and is now maintained by Michael Niedermayer. Many FFmpeg developers are also part of the MPlayer project, and FFmpeg is hosted at the MPlayer project server.

FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but it can be compiled under most operating systems, including Apple Inc. Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and AmigaOS. Most computing platforms and microprocessor instruction set architecture are also supported, like x86 (IA-32 and x86-64 ), PPC (PowerPC), ARM, DEC Alpha, SPARC, and MIPS architecture.

Recently version .5 of FFmpeg was released, although previously FFmpeg developers have always recommended using the latest neutral build from their source code Subversion version control system as development attempts to maintain a stable trunk.Published under the GNU Lesser General Public License or GNU General Public License (depending on which sub-libraries one would include), FFmpeg is free software.

There are two video codecs and one video container invented in the FFmpeg project during its development. The two video codecs are the lossless “FFV1”, and the lossless or lossy “Snow codec”, for which a version 1.0 is still in development, and the video container is “NUT” which is also currently being actively developed.

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