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Nepalnews.com Shuts its door for News

13 JANUARY 2015 KATHMANDU – “News from Nepal as it Happens” The slogan may not be heard or visible on the cyberspace anymore as its operation has shuts its door for news update and broadcasting. It was a major news and entertainment site in Nepal and around the world as the site was started back in 2000 when many of today’s giant websites are nowhere in dream even. Mercantile Communications which is the first Pioneer company in Nepal who started providing Internet service in Nepal since 1996 using dial up links between Nepal and Singapore and later Government of Nepal has launched the service through government owned Nepal telecom lately.

In a message published in the website itself by its Chairman Mr. Sanjib RajBhandari the phrases reads like below:

Dear Patrons

Ever since Mercantile introduced the concept of internet service in Nepal in 1994, our endeavor has been to boost the internet popularity and usage in Nepal.

In keeping with Mercantile’s pioneering spirit, Nepalnews the online news portal was launched in 2000, with a view to publishing the news, events, polls and forums about and from Nepal through the internet. As you know, this portal was the first of its kind in Nepal and received wide acceptance from readers / viewers across the globe. We are pleased to have led the way in online news service and are happy to note that this market is now well catered to by a number of more efficient, vibrant and mainstream media establishments.

We faced many challenges in this journey as this is not our mainstream activity. We have carried Nepalnews this far despite our weaknesses and need for financial support from our other businesses.

Having played a role in kick-starting and helping gain online news industry a degree of maturity, we believe it’s now time for us to exit from this operation and concentrate on our core activities in the technology business. We hereby announce suspension of news upload to the portal www.nepalnews.com with immediate effect. Direct streaming of partner contents (TV, FM, weeklies) will continue. Archived contents will also be available.

We are grateful to all our patrons for your support during these years. We pledge to continue working towards expansion and enhancement in reach and quality of internet experience in Nepal.

Sanjib RajBhandari

Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

It is a sad moment for me and the people around the world who seeks news from Nepal using search engines such as google, yahoo and bing  and nepalnews,com comes the first result and it was dominating for several years. Now we like minded people should think about the site to go online either by Mercantile or to get permission to run by someone who wish to continue the service. We humbly request you all visitors to write your opinion and your feedback so we may have nepalnews.com back once again in near future.