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How to Submit URL to Dogpile

Have you ever tried to submit your URL to the search engine named Dogpile? Don’t waste your time. it is not required to submit there . Read this article that an expert has written about dogpile submission.

Before I address how to submit URL to Dogpile you need to know the following. First off it is important to actually be in the know of how the Dogpile search engine works. When you do a search on Dogpile you are not just getting results from one place but several.

These include Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Ask.com websites. Since it uses all of these results to compile its search results it is called a metasearch. This means, in this case, none of the search results you see are actually done by Dogpile. They are pulled from the bigger search engines.

How is This Helpful?

In a normal case this would be a total waste of space to a person but this actually helps. Since each separate search engines gives back different results. Dogpile takes the best results from all of them and gives you the best to choose from. This gives you the best of both worlds. You get the best search engines in the world working for you, but you only have to go to one site instead of six. The website also does an excellent job of getting rid of duplicate results so everything you see is original. This is a definite time saver.

Why Trying to Submit URL to Dogpile is A Big Time Waster???

Now you get what you came here for. If you have tried to look for a way to submit URL to Dogpile I would say give up now! No matter where you go you will never find a form online to just submit to Dogpile alone. This is because it actually grabs its search results from other places, as mentioned earlier. So what is really important is that you submit your URL to the other places. So when someone does a search on your topic, Dogpile pulls your site as a result from the big engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, Live Search and more.