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How to sell a website?

how to sell a website?
Sell your website or domain this way

Dear Website Owners, In the last four years I’ve seen hundreds of websites bought and sold on marketplace and I wanted to share with you a few tips I’ve learned about how to sell your website as easy as possible.

When prospective buyers are looking at your website they will almost certainly focus on your websites financial and visitor traffic numbers in the past year or two. And will probably base their offer price on these numbers.

If your website is growing and you think the sale price should be higher than just what the Net Income the business has earned in the past year or two, you will need to show that the website is growing and demands a better price. Or there are other variable reasons that make the site more valuable. Such as domain name, its content, market trend etc.

In some ways it is shortsighted to focus on the past so much, But for good or for bad the majority of buyers do this, if you don’t have a strong history you’ll need to do a good job at showing how your business will succeed in the future.

When you list your business for sale always list an asking price, stay away from “Make an Offer” or simply “OBO” (or best offer). Sometimes the potential buyer has no idea of what to offer for a business and doesn’t want to offend the owner. It’s ok to use the “OBO” but just make sure you list an asking price as well.

The second thing is to list your Total Revenue and Net Income, even if these numbers are negative, it’s ok, if you force the potential buyer to guess what the numbers are, it will invariably be worse than they actually are. By listing the numbers it gives the potential buyer something to work off of. Some buyers are actually looking for sites that are losing money to turn them around.

Also, if you don’t list your phone number, you might be losing some of your most serious buyers. The more interested they are, the quicker and more directly they want to contact you and listing your email address only isn’t fast enough for some buyers. So if at all possible, list your phone number.

Furthermore, If your site comes with something not immediately obvious to the buyer, like an email list of customers, trademarks or copyrights – make sure you list that, those are important assets not to be overlooked.

So how much do you ask for your business? It’s ok to start out with the sale price you’d like to get out of the business, but if you’re seeing a low response rate from your listing after the first two weeks, it’s time to drop your asking price.

I get allot of questions about how much I think people should ask for their website?

Important note: Many buyers will ask questions coming from a skeptical position. Most buyers are cautious and will want proof of your financial and website traffic numbers in some way. The more viable proof you are able to provide them, the easier it is to sell your business. Think about ways you can show your numbers without revealing too much about your competitive advantage.

For instance, PayPal allows you to make a restricted login that allows people to view your sales history, but not be able to do anything else. I only recommend giving people who are really serious about buying your business this type of access.

It’s also ok to give out your website statistics login to serious buyers. You’ll have to decide if you feel comfortable doing this with each individual buyer. Many times when you have provided this type of proof to a serious buyer it is what finally convinces them to make an offer on your business.

Yes, there are people out there that just want information about your business with no intention of buying it. But I would say that the majority of buyers are legitimate.

It’s also a good idea to ask them to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement for any information provided to them. I normally do this through email, but faxing or overnight mail are viable options as well.

I wish you the best of luck getting top dollar for your site, if you’ve got questions please feek free to comment below. May other viewers answers your questions or i will try my best to bring you the details about the topic that is in my knowledge.

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