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Best Websites to watch documentaries online

KATHMANDU – While searching online for the best place to watch documentary films for my research, I was lured to various sites and wasted a few hours watching low-quality videos, many of them are not complete documentaries, and have to search for another part. I tried for a few days and came up with this article to explain where to visit to watch full-length and high-definition documentaries online on various topics.

There are many places to watch documentaries online. However, not all offer quality documentaries and safe viewing arrangements. It can be quite an intimidating task to look for a quality online documentary viewing service. In many places, there are no more movie or documentary rental places near our residences because there are so many online ones available. Many online documentary viewing services have subscription packages. There are some which have limits to watching a certain number of documentaries. All this leaves the customer very confused as to which online service to choose. Here are some tips to recognize the best places to watch documentaries online:

Make sure that the online service produces in-depth and lengthy documentaries on various popular issues. The documentaries should also be available in different formats. A good online documentary source will list a lot of award-winning documentaries.

A good documentary online service will also have the latest additions feed which will regularly communicate their new additions. The site should also have a good way of navigating documentaries, both alphabetically as well as categorically.

A site that encourages viewing documentaries with social causes, progressive and radical politics, independent media, and ecology will be one that stocks socially relevant and personally enriching documentaries.

A good online documentary site will also include reviews about the featured documentaries from trusted sources. It is helpful too to have a store if you liked something and want to buy a particular documentary.

It is good to do a little investigation prior to joining any online documentary place. There are some places that allow a free trial for a few days. Use this to your advantage as this will allow you to get a feel of the site and discover any weaknesses if there are any. You will also learn if the site is easy to navigate.

A feature worth looking for is to see if there is a film streaming facility using the computer or the iPod.

Watching documentaries from a good site will allow you to watch the films in their entirety because the site will constantly keep checking for broken or corrupt files.

An established online site is far better than trying newbies as the older sites first of all would have a greater collection of documentaries. As sites increase in size and fame, they also take care to look after their own reputation. Therefore quality matters to them, unlike newbies who will try to pass off any trash under the name of a documentary.

HQ Documentaries is a good place to start at. (this site has been offline since 2018 and merged with Nepalee.com). They have a huge collection of various documentaries. They make a special effort to source them from all over the world. Their primary goal is to encourage education and the spread of information through the use of documentaries. The best part is that they are absolutely free. They also have an option where you can submit a quality documentary that they might not have if you think that it should be watched by others too.

They also have the documentaries categorized into neat options like Art, Asia, Aviation, Biography, Conspiracy, Crime, Disaster, Drugs, Health, History, Medicine, Music, Nature, Political, Religion, Science, Social, Sport, Strange, and Travel. New Documentaries are added daily to this site.

There is also a provision to get daily updates on their additions and anything else relating to the online service. They also make it easier for you to choose a documentary by providing reliable reviews on them. They also list recommended documentaries every week and they also maintain a top 100 list which is updated regularly.

Visit the site and watch some of the best documentaries online. Happy watching.