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The love-hate relationship with Facebook

07 August 2013 – Almost everyday most of the young generation are updating their status even they are in their couch for sleep, eating something special or dating with someone, it is an addiction? or just making our life more commune? “Yes we are all doomed. Right from here. It’s a dreary line of Facebook status updates and tagged pictures that await us all the way to the grave,” says 20-year-old Somalian national and student Tsion Bekeal.
Unless you use it right, Facebook and other social media websites, according to many local youngsters, have become an addiction to most users.

“I miss my 6 pm work deadline everyday. I think procrastination has become a routine. It’s not just Facebook, there’re Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest as well,” she said.

In a recent survey conducted by Pew’s Research Center Internet and American Life Project, a non-profit, non-partisan research organisation, it was revealed that 94 per cent of teenagers are on Facebook, but many are miserable about it.

“I agree, we hate it, but we are on it and we can’t help it,” said Bekeal.

The Dubai youth are no different either.

Khaleej Times caught up with a few youngsters in the city, and according to them, many of them dislike Facebook for the main reason that it is time-wasting voyeurism. However, most of the youngsters Khaleej Times spoke with also said that if used wisely, Facebook could be used to acquire a lot of knowledge.

Eccha Khemani, 21-year-old Indian national and fresh graduate, said: “I hate Facebook. In a year, I deactivate my account for about 9-10 months. I open it only because I need to complete some work. I hate it because people who don’t really know you, and don’t care about you, know what you are doing. And because Facebook changes its privacy settings every so often, your profile becomes accessible to stalkers on the Internet anyway.”

Khemani said that she and most of her friends prefer older means of communication. “Make calls, send text messages, even Whatsapp is a good tool. But Facebook is a no-no.”

She believes that social networking websites like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube are brilliant sources of information. “You derive a lot of knowledge from them,” she added.

Another Indian national Mohammed, Rayeez, 22, said: “If you are going to exhibit your personal life for the world to see, and if you are going to start hating one friend because of his cynical comment, then it’s better you don’t sign up on Facebook. Use the website wisely. It is the only way out. Do not update pictures of your holiday, or your new shoes, or your new haircut, if you don’t want people spamming your wall with critical messages. The way I see it, people who are exhibitionists are kind of asking for unwanted attention.”

Egyptian national Fadi Sharifk, 15, said he used Facebook everyday. “I might be addicted. I don’t know yet. I use it on my smartphone, I use it to talk to my friends, even when I am spending time with other friends. It kind of ruins the whole idea of being on Facebook, but unfortunately, that is how it is. For now, I don’t hate it.”

Filipino national and salesman Rhett Mueda said: “I am not addicted to Facebook, but I don’t hate it either. I check messages and a few important things, but nothing more. It’s the really young generation of 15-year-olds who could be the ones who are addicted and miserable about it. Twitter is a great place to source daily news and Pinterest is just quirky.”

Perhaps, Emirati doctor Hassam Alhilou had the most reasonable approach to the Facebook love-hate relationship.

“I don’t hate Facebook. I don’t use it anymore, and the main reason being privacy settings. Dubai is a small place, everyone here knows everyone else. But when I was on the website, I usually always used it to play a good game of scrabble.”

Source: Based On KT Articles

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