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Its Time For Smart Watches

10 August 2013 – Gadget industry is getting bigger and smarter day by day as new generation of people have hunger for so many different gadgets in their pocket. Now its the turn of smart watches which may drive people to the new age of gadget collection and being smarter.


As accessories around us get increasingly smarter, the watch is next in line for an overhaul with Samsung to debut its Galaxy Gear smart watch next month.The watch, expected to make its first appearance at the IFA technology fair in Berlin on September 4, is said to feature the ability to make and receive phone calls, connect to the Internet and provide accurate map information through a GPS system.

Diagrams of the watch, measuring 107mm by 160mm, from the US Patent and Trademark Office show the design of the watch includes speakers, microphone, a micro USB port, menu key and back key, while scientists have been developing batteries and screens that are adapted to suit the watch’s functions.

Designs suggest the watch may even include a sensor designed to measure pulse rate.

Analysts suggest the smart watch market will boom next year, helping a relatively small industry take off from selling a negligible amount of smart watches — under half a million a year to about five million each year.

The first smart watches were produced in the 1980’s, but it has been suggested the prevalence and sophistication will escalate now component parts are accessible and cheap enough for the final product to be affordable to a wide audience.

The smart-watch is a similar idea to Google Glass, a wearable computer in the form of glasses frames.

There may be apple, Sony, lg and many other brands to come in the competition, let’s wait for the bargain to have one in your wrist.

Source: KT Tech News

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