Electricity generated using Gearbox in Nepal - Technology

Electricity generated using Gearbox in Nepal

The Gearbox Turbine
Krishna Acharya Testing his Innovative tools to generate power using Gearbox technology in Far-western Nepal, recently.

06 October 2014 SURKHET, Far-Western Nepal – Currently Thousands of Youths are leaving the country in search of job and stability, Some has time to spent their valuable time to innovate something that could benefit for the whole world.
Creativity does not comes from the womb of a mother but it does comes from imagination, dedication and support by institutions such as government so that can flourish for the benefit of human kind. –

While the whole country has been reeling under excruciating power crisis with consumers in some parts facing up to 16 hours of load shedding per day, one youth has come up with an ingenious idea of generating electricity using an apparatus he calls ‘ gearbox ’. The inventor, a local youth named Krishna Acharya, 30, of Shrijanshil tole, Birendranagar-18 said that he had named the apparatus, ‘ gearbox ’ as it uses various types of gears unlike a conventional water turbine that uses motors to generate electricity .

Acharya had successfully tested his technology at a local Khorke stream in the presence of local journalists recently.

During the presentation, Acharya had poured in water from the stream in a larger apparatus, which, with the help from various gears, rotated the blades in a smaller apparatus generating 300 volts of electricity to light up three bulbs. Acharya said that the gears helped rotate the blades 10 times faster than conventional water turbines. Acharya claimed that the gearbox can produce up to 50 Kilo Watts (KW) of electricity .

Acharya, who had earlier left for South Korea as a migrant worker, had returned to his hometown before finishing his contract and spent nine months creating the apparatus. Acharya said that he had spent approximately Rs 1.5 million developing the technology.

Claiming that one just needed to install the apparatus at a place with water to generate electricity , Acharya said that the technology could prove beneficial in rural areas. As the technology eliminated overhead cost like constructing a water reservoir on high ground, tunnel or canal to channel the water, and acquire land for the purpose, Acharya claimed that his technology was cheaper, easier to use, and efficient.

Meanwhile, Acharya claimed that he had invented the gearbox not by observing or learning from others but purely from his imagination. Pleased with his son’s ingenuity, father Khagendra Acharya appealed to the government and organisations concerned to help in his son’s endeavors. Following a successful test, Acharya said that after calculating its actual expenditure, he intends to produce his invention in large quantities and advertise and sell them by cooperating with government agencies. Acharya also appealed to the government to help encourage, preserve, publicize and commercialize his invention.

In the meantime, Acharya said that he would work on fine-tuning the apparatus over the coming six months and register his own company named Krishna Hydro and Research Pvt Ltd to produce and sell it to the masses.

This is not a single moment that a Nepali Youth has invented something new and possible history changer but lack of fund, lack of appreciation and lack of wisdom of the authority holders, those youths are either frustrated or run away from the country for better opportunity abroad. About 3.5 Million Youths are living and working abroad currently where as total population of the country is barely about 26 Million. Hope this kid don’t have to seek another job and he could mass produce his turbine and light up the remote village in near future.