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Dead Battery could be full charged within 3 Minutes?

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Smart technology that could revolutionize the world in the history of Re-chargeable battery.

20 October 2014 – Singapore – Science and technology has changed our lives by far easier to survive and innovation often comes from the imagination of people, who dream first and implement in their study to innovate which always lead to a destination where something new to born.

How many of you been disappointed while your smartest mobile device gone out of battery in the middle of your journey, talk or watching something that interests you? Your trouble may end forever as scientists have discovered one of the most effective and efficient technology which can revolutionize the world for the history of rechargeable battery which may lead to the end of crisis of energy faced by the world as well.

Imagine a dead smartphone battery getting charged up to 70 per cent in flat two minutes? By using a common ingredient found in sunscreen, researchers from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have developed a smart battery that uses a gel-based material to speed up the charging process.

To do so, researchers replaced graphite in the battery’s anode with a gel made from titanium dioxide – a cheap ingredient found in sunscreen. The substance speeds up the chemical reactions in the battery, the Huffington Post reported.

The battery can be recharged 10,000 times. It can last nearly 20 years before it needs to be replaced. The new batteries could enter the market within two years, researchers added.

Source: Huffington Post