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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launching on April 11 Worldwide

Samsung Galaxy s5Pokhara, 28 March 2014 – In the competition of smart phone makers, apple and Samsung has big market competition on launching their best of the best products in the international market. As rumors has predicted of Apple iPhone 6 be launching in April, their rival Samsung has already planned the date for the event and many of the mobile carriers are already pre-booking the device.

Even though Samsung wants to launch the Galaxy S5 on April 11th in multiple markets simultaneously, some carriers are already selling the new handset, apparently disregarding Samsung’s wishes. The Galaxy S5 went on sale on Thursday in South Korea, Bloomberg reports, showing that mobile operators are ready to do just about anything to sell new devices to consumers, especially in a competitive market such as Samsung’s home country.

The three main carriers in the country – including SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ a – have been hit with a smartphone sales ban that coincides with the planned Galaxy S5 launch. The government is punishing the mobile operators by preventing them to sign new customers for their previous smartphone sales-related subsidies that exceeded a certain threshold. Different ban periods have been awarded to all three carriers between March 13 and May 18, with at least two of them, including SK Telecom and KT, not being able to launch the Galaxy S5 on April 11.

 Official Hands on Video of Samsung Galaxy S5:

[hana-flv-player video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrMOu4GU3uU” width=”600″ height=”400″ description=”Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands On” player=”6″ autoload=”false” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” /]

Earlier rumors suggested that SK Telecom, the only carrier of the three that’s not banned to sell new smartphones this week, would sell the handset earlier. Samsung denied the reports even though its own Seoul-based stores reportedly told customers who pre-ordered the handset they could pick it up on March 27. “We are very puzzled,” Samsung said in a statement. “SK Telecom strongly asked for an earlier release of the product but we delivered our stance that the global release date of April 11 remains unchanged.”

“The official global launch date of the Galaxy S5 is April 11, as previously announced, Samsung further told The Verge in a statement. “Samsung has provided mobile carriers with a limited number of units for marketing and pre-sales activities, however the decision to release the device early in the Korean market was made by the mobile carrier itself, independently of Samsung. We express our regret at this decision and we are working to verify all the facts.”

Meanwhile, SK Telecom stood by its decision to launch the Galaxy S5 ahead of schedule. “We decided to release the product for a wider consumer choice of handsets before our operation suspension begins on April 5,” the carrier said in a statement.

Galaxy S5 In the Middle-east:

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, the latest generation smartphone in its flagship series, during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona on Monday.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone will release in Dubai on April 11 2014 along with other global cities, said Deepak Babani, CEO of Dubai-based consumer electronics firm Eros.

Speaking to Gulf Business on the sidelines of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain, he said: “[Dubai] will be the first Middle Eastern city. The phone will be launched in other Gulf countries a few weeks later.

“The price in Dubai will be the same as the Galaxy S4, around Dhs2,599 or 2,699.”

Babani added that he has only heard positive reactions and said the phone is likely to sell well, with its water-resistant technology and longer battery life.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, the latest generation smartphone in its flagship series, during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona on Monday.

The phone boasts a slightly bigger screen than its predecessor, the S4, at 5.1 inches with a full HD Super AMOLED display. Samsung has also introduced a new fingerprint unlock system on the phone.

Design-wise it looks very similar to the S4, but the plastic on the back has been changed and the phone is now much more easier to grip and looks more classy. The S5 is also dust and water resistant.

The device comes with a 16MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera and includes several new image functionality features such as video stabilization and real time HDR processing.

The phone uses Andriod 4.4.2 (Kitkat) and includes a 2.5GHZ quad core processor, a 2GB RAM and a better battery which is touted to have a talk time of 21 hours.

The S5 comes in four colours including black, white, blue and gold.

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