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Is Mobile Phone Insurance Worth It?

Although insuring your acreage and your car are seen by most as essential, the contrary can be said for mobile phone insurance. Insuring a mobile phone is seen as a coziness and something that you can do without. However, insuring your phone can be lucrative and can save you money. Here is some recommendation to help you decide whether mobile cover is right for you.

How much does it cost?

Mobile phone cover is relatively inexpensive, with cover initial at around $25 per year and leaving up to $100 depending on the level of cover that you want.

Ways to get insured
The two ways you can get hold of mobile cover are to buy cover from your airtime supplier or to go to an alfresco cover source. The apparent benefit of using your airtime provider is that all your mobile phone costs are with one company. This means you can call to annul your phone if it is lost or stolen and get a new phone sent straight away. Of course, the detriment is that the cost and level of cover you get may be alternate to what you need or are agreeable to pay. Your best bet is to shop around before you buy any mobile phone insurance.

Features of mobile insurance

When looking for phone cover present are a number of features you must look for. The main aspect of the cover must be the lieutenant of your phone must anything happen to it. Most cover policies afford this, although you have to pay an cornucopia payment on some whilst others will only send you a extra hand phone of a similar specification. Another aspect you must look for is cover for unauthorized phone calls must your phone be stolen.

Advantages of mobile insurance

The advantages of mobile cover are that you are covered must your phone be stolen, which is becoming an ever common occurrence. Losing or having your phone stolen can cost hundreds of pounds, because replacing the definite phone costs a lot more than receiving a contract. Also, you run the risk of having huge phone bills run up on your stolen phone if you don’t report it quickly. For a small amount of alimony each year it does make carefulness to get mobile phone insurance.


Although phone cover is a good idea, if you are anybody who has never lost his or her phone or simply doesn’t take it out very much then you might not need insurance. If you keep a security lock on your phone then no one else can admission it must it be stolen.

Also, it is possible to insure your phone under your home inside cover for around $30 a year. If you take out an ‘all risks’ policy your phone is insured against theft and loss in and alfresco the home. The bother with this type of cover is that you are not amply covered for calls and payout may take a while. If you have an expensive phone and you assume you might lose it, then mobile phone cover is the quickest and cheapest way to make sure you are compensated.

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