Have you Lost your phone? It can be blocked instantly - Mobile

Have you Lost your phone? It can be blocked instantly

Lost or stolen phone to block immediately
Lost or Stolen your smart phones? You can block them Instantly, Call Your service provider now.

13 April 2015 Kathmandu – How many of has lost our hard earned cash paid smart phones in the past? Are you still having blackmail from someone who have stolen or found your phone? If your answer is yes, please read the article below.

Lost or stolen mobiles can be blocked instantly to protect the owner’s data and prevent fraud, the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) said on Monday. Though blocking the device will be free of cost, owners will have to pay to unblock it.

The TRA’s ‘Secure your Mobile’ drive is a first of its kind initiative to protect mobile phone users in the Region and is being implemented in collaboration with telecommunication service providers around the world.
The authority said it aims to reduce the number of lost or stolen devices by enabling owners to block their devices. Any lost or stolen device can now be reported to your local carrier, and within 48 hours, the phone will be blocked. No calls or messages can be sent or received on blocked devices.

“With the Asian Region having the highest consumers of smart devices, we understand how valuable they have become to the people here. People use their devices as a primary means of computing. Therefore, it is critical we help protect our residents by implementing systems with an easy mechanism to enable users to block stolen or lost mobile devices immediately after reporting them.

Fares Hamad Fares, vice-president, corporate communications at Etisalat, said: “We welcome this important initiative that is in line with our ongoing efforts to educate customers about all forms of potential fraud. We are contributing to the protection of our user’s mobile devices and reducing the risk of theft of important personal data and misuse.”

“Protecting customers from electronic fraud is gaining importance in today’s world that highly relies on digital connectivity. We are keen on educating and increasing our clients’ awareness about how they can maintain their online security, which starts with the protection of their devices and smart phones.

“‘Secure your phone’ is a TRA initiative that provides an ideal platform to connect with the public across the country, and increase their awareness on methods of securing their devices against theft and misuse.”

The system will not only cater to high-end customer devices such as smart phones but also for any mobile device that connects to the local mobile networks in the Region. Service providers will also provide a ‘Public Enquiry Service’ where the public can inquire about the blocking status of any device.

Users can now send an SMS and the system will respond with the status of that device (blocked or active).

To unblock a mobile device, the customer needs to contact his/her service provider and answer some security questions.

The TRA will be coordinating with law enforcement agencies to allow for the return of lost or stolen mobile devices to their rightful owners.

Source: KT