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An Overview Of Some Of The Latest GPS Tracking-Enabled Cell Phones

The attack on the Twin Towers in New York brought attention to more than just the advance of terrorism regarding the globe; it also showed how defenseless our communications systems are, doubly in regards to cell phones. The FCC has prearranged app cellular contact companies to establish technology allowing for cell phones to be traced within 100 meters. The cellular companies for the most part have integrated the GPS technology into the actual contact itself instead of pillage on the consequential task of changing and modifying their networks of towers.

Now before you get all afire regarding the fact that your contact may have GPS technology let me set you straight. This is not the kind that you have in your car or use on your boat when you go fishing offshore. This is entirely for tracking anyplace you are when you are making a call. If you are a good guy this can be almighty news, if you get lost or in afflict and dial 911 they can locate you. If you are a bad guy, or a terrorist, this isn’t almighty news for you as they can now aftertaste your calls and find out correctly anyplace you are to take you down.

Now, on to a brighter outlook, the cell carriers are working to allow customer easy to get to GPS service. Some of these are available now and able to be utilized by third company providers.

Motorola is the maker for cellular contact GPS tracking units for Nextel by the Motorola i205, i305, i530, i710, i730, i733, i736 and i830 iDEN?. As on of the leaders in bringing this technology to the market, Motorola sources say that the phones are programmable which allows for software developers to design the applications that will allow the user of the contact right of entry to the GPS data in addition to the providers of the service.

As of now, the Nextel Corporation offers a wide assortment of cell contact GPS tracking solutions made for use with the above mentioned Motorola cell phones. The Mobile Locator One is of the well-known cell contact GPS tracking solutions urban by Nextel. In addition present are other solutions are provided by the affiliates of Nextel itself, as well as by third parties like Trimble and Mapquest.

Nokia recently announced that they were contribution their Xpress-On GPS available as discretionary hardware to the owners of the Nokia 5140 model cell phones in North America. This would allow for the phones to be used over the GSM networks by location aid applications.

Hopefully with the advances we are seeing it won’t be long before the GPS technology is widely available. It is already available in smart phones like the Treo as an upgrade with additional software.

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