Abdullah Al Mutairi left the Nepali national team - Football

Abdullah Al Mutairi left the Nepali national team

Kathmandu – Sometimes it’s a matter of political alliances, sometimes their brutal behaviors, and sometimes it’s just a matter of payment Nepali football team is facing shortages of National coaches all the time.

Nepal was considered one of the rising footballing countries a few years back but now it is nowhere to count.

According to the news reports; The coach of the Nepali national football team, Abdullah Al mutairi, has announced that he has left his post on Sunday. Kuwaiti national Al mutairi, who announced his retirement from the coach’s position through social media, has said that he has left after 525 days in charge of the national team.
He added, “Thank you to everyone who supports me!” This journey has been full of excitement, happiness, sorrow, and pain.’ Nepal played against Indonesia for the last time on June 14 this year in Asia Cup qualifiers under the leadership of Al mutairi, who took over the Nepali team from the friendly match against Iraq on May 29, 2021.
His tenure was not free from controversy. Initially, some players rebelled against Al mutairi, who disagreed with some officials of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), and left the training of the national team training. Under his leadership, Nepal has played 17 matches.

Who would be hired again for the national football coach next? if you have any expectations and assumptions? kindly express your words below.