9th National games begin in Pokhara today - Sports

9th National games begin in Pokhara today

National-level sporting events were long been hampered in Nepal due to various incidents such as political Instability, the coronavirus pandemic, etc
this year finally started the 9th national games in Pokhara the official opening is scheduled for coming Friday though.

Various competitions of the 9th National Games are starting today in Pokhara.
The 9th national sports competition is being organized for the first time in the model of confederation. A national competition was held in Pokhara 39 years ago.

Entry Gate with decoration to welcome players and visitors to the Pokhara stadium in the eve of the 9th national games in Pokhara.

The 11th National Women’s Cricket Tournament under the 9th National Games-2022 is starting today at the Pokhara Stadium Cricket Ground. All seven provinces as well as Nepal Police and Armed Police teams are participating in the competition.
There would be various sporting events including, football, tennis, and various forms of taekwondo would continue for a month-long sporting festival.