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An Appropriate Leader Wanted In Nepal

We had changed the political system aiming to have a better and justice governance but that all pales into another era of distrust and failure. once again Nepal is searching for a new face, most probably a new change required to the current political system too.

It has been more than three-decade that Nepal’s government political system failed to meet the people’s demands and furnish the nation with social, economic, and technological development.

The political condition of Nepal had made a drastic change after the civil war held by Maoist in the year 2052 B.S.

The people of Nepal had great faith in the Maoist parties and the leaders but unfortunately, the great Maoist leaders like Prachanda totally failed to meet the people’s expectations and have been strongly criticized as one of the failed leaders in Nepal’s history.

What we have to understand from the history of Nepal is the leaders who came to power by carrying weapons are not successful anymore.

Political leaders like Prachanda, KP Sharma Oli, and the other leaders of the communist party have proven this by showing their inability to rule the Nation and by becoming the laughing stock in front of the Nepalese people.

The Nepalese people are fed up with the present government and are forced to find alternatives to former leaders like the king and other new political parties. In the streets of Nepal, the people are wishing the king to be back in Nepal and protect the country from the highly corrupted political leaders and the present ruling parties.

The country and the Nepalese people became the victim after the country was ruled by the Maoist leader Prachanda.

Before coming to power, Prachanda made a false belief in helping the poor people, providing employment opportunities, and developing the rural areas of Nepal and now he is one of the highly corrupted leaders and also one of the notorious leaders of the Nepalese people.

The political leaders of our nation are so fake that they do not show any properties in their names. For example, during wealth valuation, Prachanda did not show any property in his name but he flies to America for the treatment of his wife which is highly expensive.

So, there is a question in Nepalese people of how he can fly to America for the treatment of his wife without having any property which clearly shows the fake moral and dishonest character of the leader.

Prachanda himself became the leader by carrying weapons and killing seventeen thousand people during the civil war and failing to meet the expectations of poor people. As a result, the Maoist party had broken into many parties and he is also stopping the good leaders to come to rising like Biplav which shows his injustice and insecurity in the position. Now the present political situation of Nepal is beyond control and is becoming worst day by day.

Opposing parties like Biplav’s group are given the title “looters” which shows the present government system’s domination to stop the new parties to rise and the fear of overtaking in the coming future. The present government system is a perfect example of a big failure that led the country into a backward direction of development and also forced the youth to leave the nation for better opportunities.

The former Prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai also states high dissatisfaction with the present government and also condemns the decision of restricting Biplav’s Group by stating “the present government system is making a big mistake by separating Biplav’s group and treating the group as a negative force.

“Furthermore, he also adds the present government system is being very rude to the people’s party Biplav group and also highly dissatisfaction with the title “looters” and also claims the title is not appropriate for the Biplav group.

The corrupted present political leaders force the Biplav’s group to enter the jungle in order to fight for justice and peace to bring back to our nation.

The present government should be responsible for all the awful activities arising in the nation and also demolishing the peace in the peoples’ homes and also encouraging innocent people to raise weapons against them.

The present situations of government are unsuccessful and also proves that the big communist leaders have failed on their part.

So, this is the time for all Nepalese people to find alternative parties and choose the right leader. The Nepalese people have lost trust in these present leaders like K P Sharma, and Prachanda and also start protesting the present government system and also wishing the King and Biplav group to be back to end this degenerating situation of politics.

The present scenario of politics needs the collaboration between the King and Biplav Group for better governing the country for prosperity, peace, and development for the nation.

These two parties should focus on successful people like Kul man Ghising, Anuradha Koirala, and other professionals for better development of the Nation using good human resources.

The king and Biplav’s group should coordinate with each other for better rule formation and principles for developing the nation in an effective manner.

We have seen the present slogan like “Raja aau Desh Bachau” in Nepalese people and it is the perfect time for the Nepalese people to come together for eradicating the current unsuccessful political system and join hands for choosing a better leader for the country.

Written By: Divya Singh Rathore, Lives in the UK as an NRN.