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An Appeal for a Change

The political Scenario for the upcoming November 20 election in Nepal is hiking, more than 40 political parties have filed their candidacy along with thousands of independent candidates.

Nepalese has seen a surge for change in political ideology even though the current political system seems to fail to fulfill its responsibility to the nation.

For centuries, we have been ruled under various political systems with various types of doctrines, but there have been no changes in the condition of Nepal and Nepalis.

We did various political movements to fulfill the desire for change, the dream of development, and a peaceful and prosperous future for our upcoming generation. Many of our grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers sacrificed themselves in those movements. Was that sacrifice worth it? Did that sacrifice ever count by the system that we were under?

Megh Ale - Candidate or RSP from Syangja District.
Megh Ale – Photo from His Facebook Page.

Didn’t we want to protect the sovereignty of the state of Nepal and the prosperity of the Nepali people? was that fulfilled? No, it could not be completed.

Why couldn’t it be completed?

Yes, Today, the time has come for us to think about it. Why did the leaders who showed the dream of protecting the sovereignty of the Nepalese state and fulfilling the prosperity of the Nepali people fail?

My conclusion to achieve the goal of building a prosperous Nepal is as follows :

Mold: 72-year-old mold such as imported principles, kneeling leaders under foreign powers, corruption, and nepotism are of no use. why???

Soil: Even used good soil in that mold, it turned out to be a false brick. Thousands of good people who fell into that old mold were also trapped in corruption. Yes, there are no alternatives, That expired principles cannot build the nation.

If we are still willing to use the same old-fashioned mold to make good bricks, will the result be different in another 50 years? it seems nowhere near, So stop wasting mud on that old mold.

Thought: All of our body coverings are imported, except for traditional caps, the yarn used to make them may have been imported too. 97% of the food that we eat daily is imported, yet our country is an agricultural country.

The economy of our country – We are fully dependent on remittances sent by our youths living and working abroad. In return, we receive 10-12 red boxes filled with our loved ones arriving at Tribhuvan International Airport on daily basis, which is our flourishing imported economy.

The biggest and most disappointing thing was we had imported and utilized Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Europeanism, Indianism, and Americanism in hope of our fulfillment of development desire. which have now converted to more corruption, and nepotism, where is Nepalism on our own soil???

Boycott imported ideas, boycott selfishness, and boycott nepotism. Embrace the idea of ​​the nation first, self-respecting Nepal, and move forward, toward our dream of development, peace, and prosperity.

Tradition: Tradition is born from thought. Can the humanism sought by the Hindu prince Siddhartha Gautam, who was born in Lumbini, Nepal, could be considered Nepalism,? or can not we? why can’t we consider it? If you can consider the principle, why not follow it,? whose essence is that the world can be conquered by non-violence, peace, and harmony?

Gandhi, Lincoln, and Mandela won the world by promoting the same value recognition culture, and the United Nations (UN) has also followed this.

Today’s need is to reawaken the principles and values ​​of the Panchsheel that Buddha advocated in our society/country’s culture, that is what Nepalism is.

Political culture has a deep impact on social culture too, and its direct result affects our society and country.

What kind of culture are we living now and what kind of culture will our future children get? Even if you think about it, you would feel hopeless and stressed. Don’t you feel so?
Do you wish to keep on ruling us by failed Importationism, corruption, nepotism, and the culture of impunity in this country?

The Panchsheel of Nepalism can be considered as the following main basis which our constitution determined in its context:
1: Democracy (Republic)
2: Federalism,
3: Inclusivity,
4: Secularism
5: Non-alignment foreign policy, based on Panchsheel.

The Rastriya Swatantra Party has taken the concept of constitutional socialism forward by adopting the Panchsheel principles written in our Constitution.

It is inevitable that the prosperity and development of the nation should be sought on the foundation of this Panchsheel and that is the basic lines directed by our constitution.

Nepalism is the responsibility towards the upliftment of a nation first, self-respecting Nepal, and the beginning of the culture of the renaissance. It is quite in our national anthem which is truthful to its text as we belong. united, prosperous, and peaceful society towards 21st century developed nation is our dream.
Therefore, the future of the country is the youths, if that belief is correct, why not we trust them?

Realizing and trusting the youths of Nepal, I have joined the Rashtriya Swatantra Party led by Rabi Lamichhane, the party of the youths, and have entered the field to serve the nation and the people. Considering all these issues, I personally appeal, to support moving forward along with me and the youths for our future endeavors.

As my candidacy is in the tribal cluster on the proportional side in the coming election of the House of Representatives to be held on November 20th, I request you to vote for change and inform your relatives to vote for change too.

I sincerely request you to vote in the bell sign and become the conductor of change.
If we don’t change our thought now, when will it be? If we can’t then who else do? No foreign doctrine fulfills our dream.

Let’s give birth to our own doctrine, that is Nepalism!!
Together we can bring the change that we are dreaming of for a long. The youth generation is the powerhouse of any nation and we are with youths. They are our future so to support them is our responsibility too.
Long Live Nepalism! Great campaign: Nation first, self-respecting Nepal!

Appealed by: Megh Ale ( A Veteran tourism entrepreneur and river conservationist, who has joined the party and filed his candidacy from Syangja –2)