Youths united to protest Govt's Failure On Coronavirus Crisis Management - Nepal

Youths united to protest Govt’s Failure On Coronavirus Crisis Management

The world is suffering from the current medical pandemic same in Nepal too, the government in the various nations has a support plan and effective healthcare system implemented but in Nepal, most of the wealth spent goes into corruption. Due to the poor management of this crisis, people are dying in numbers and increasing like a wildfire.
Defying the Home Ministry’s warning of the action on rallies and protest during this pandemic, youths continued to demonstrate in various cities, including in Kathmandu alleging the government for failing to handle the coronavirus crisis.

Some of the Highlights of the Youth movement is in pictures below:

The protestors have been demanding that the expenses incurred in the procurement of testing kits and medical goods be made transparent, RDT testing be stopped, and the decision to impose additional tax be withdrawn.

People took to streets in different parts of the country, including Kathmandu, Birgunj, Nepalgunj, among other major cities on Friday.

The Home Ministry had on Thursday warned action against protestors for violating the current situation.

Youths demonstrated carrying placards with sarcastic slogans: “Sorry, the government you are trying to reach is currently involved in corruption”, “Where is Rs 10 billion”? “We asked questions to understand the situation”, “What did Nepali receive? Banana? “Sex is good for health but the government is raping us” etc.