Tourist Drowned in Fewa Lake - Nepal

Tourist Drowned in Fewa Lake

MAR 24, 2012,POKHARA – Pokhara, One of the most popular tourist destination in the world attracts thousands of foreign visitors every year to play with the nature. Sometime lack of information and enough security majors to the locations often brings some unfruitful news as well.

A tourist drowned in Phewa Lake in Pokhara found dead after reports of drowning make security personnel to search for him on Saturday.

Swedish National Ksell Gunnar Roger, 56, drowned while swimming in the lake, police said.

Roger, who was sailing on a paddle boat, dived into the lake nearby Litchi Garden Restaurant and drowned while swimming. The security personnel fished out his body that was later taken to Western Regional Hospital for postmortem.

Thousands of tourist are boating in the lake everyday which is located just in the lake city. Fewa is the second largest natural lake in Nepal and recent booming in the hotels and population near the lake has made this lake a dirty garbage bin and a kind of plant which is spreading across the lake make it an unsafe lake to swim.