Surveillance cameras to be installed on Indo-Nepal border - Nepal

Surveillance cameras to be installed on Indo-Nepal border

Lucknow, Jun 6 : Disputed border between Nepal and India is very hard To check the cross-border smuggling of counterfeit currency and the threat of insurgency, due to open border and remoteness. now to tackle the cross border activities, surveillance cameras would be installed on the Indo-Nepal border.

”Even after several efforts, the smuggling of counterfeit currencies could not be checked and increasing activities of forest mafias and other crimes have compelled us to install cameras on the border to check such activities,” a senior Sashashtra Seema Bal (SSB) (border security battalion) official told today.
The official admitted that some government officers helped anti-social and criminal elements to conduct their operations in the country.

”With this, we would also keep a sharp eye to the government employees who help Maoists, Naxalites and other anti-social elements,” he said.

He added that all the main gates and financial centers on borders had got the surveillance cameras installed which would be connected to local ‘police stations’ and Lucknow frontier headquarters too.

Denying telling the numbers of such cameras, the officials said cameras in adequate quantity would be installed.

”Common people would be allowed to cross the border for shopping but the persons, buying products more than normal limit would be treated as a suspect,” he further added.

Source: Online Agencies