Shrinkhala Khatiwada was appointed Goodwill Envoy to France - Nepal

Shrinkhala Khatiwada was appointed Goodwill Envoy to France

10 January 2019, KATHMANDU – Nepal and France has reached to a new era of diplomatic relation as it commemorates 70 years of friendship and bilateral relation. Marking the occasion, Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada was appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for the commemorative events marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and France.

The letter of appointment was handed over to Ms. Khatiwada jointly by Secretary General of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs Gourdault-Montagne and Foreign Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi.
Her association with the anniversary is expected to convey a message of goodwill, friendship and cooperation between the two countries, stated the joint press release issued by the two countries.

We at Nepalee dot come wishes Ms Khatiwada for her successful tenure to strengthen ties between to friend nations.