When will Nepal's constitution written? - Politics

When will Nepal’s constitution written?

Constitution of Nepal 2072
Constitution of Nepal 2072

The ruling coalition—Nepali Congress and CPN-UML—has warned of taking ahead the constitution writing through Constitution Assembly procedures if the alliance of opposition parties do not call off their agitation and come for dialogue immediately.

Making it clear that no letters would be written again inviting the opposition for talks, UML Vice Chairman Bhim Rawal said the CA meeting would not be postponed any longer if the opposition alliance doesn’t immediately come for talks.

“How many letters should we write? If the constitution could be promulgated through streets, why was the CA election conducted by spending billions of rupees?” Rawal questioned.

Speaking at the interaction programme at Reporter’s Club on Tuesday, he said they would continue seeking consensus till the preliminary draft of the constitution is sent to the public.

Likewise, NC leader Arjun Narsingh KC said no agreement would be forged with opposition unless they recongise the mandate given by the people.  He also mentioned that the discussions can be held for modification on 9-point joint proposal submitted by NC and UML.

“We were mandated by the people to promulgate the constitution that ensures democracy and federal states with multiple identity,” leader KC said, “No compromise shall be made on such issues under any circumstances.”

Leader KC also said that they are acting as per the aspirations of Comprehensive Peace Accord, 12-point agreement and the Interim Constitution which do not provide room for ethnic states and one Madhes.

Oppn leaders seek commitment

Speaking at the programme, UCPN (Maoist) leader Janardan Sharma said they would not sit for dialogue unless the government makes written commitment to promulgate the new constitution as per the spirit of Interim Constitution.

He alleged that the NC and UML were trying to provoke conflict by bringing up the majority process in constitution drafting. He challenged the ruling parties to promulgate the constitution through process.

Also, Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party Chairman Mahendra Ray warned of issuing the constitution through streets if the CA procedures were adopted at the Constituent Assembly.