Student Leaders quit from their posts - Politics

Student Leaders quit from their posts

MAR 23, 2012 KATHMANDU – Yet another political crisis in Nepal, Some Twenty-eight student leaders close to Nepali Congress (NC) senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba have submitted their resignation to party president from Nepal Student Union (NSU) general convention preparatory committee on Friday. With their abdication, factional feud within NC that was resolved on February 4 has surfaced once again.

The student leaders on Wednesday had decided to quit from the committee saying it was formed unilaterally and was against the union statute however, they could not table the resignation letter on the day as the president Sushil Koirala did not allow time for them. They have also maintained that there was serious factional bias while picking members in the committee and it was too large to hold the election.

A rally of around 500 NSU cadres including former office bearers of NSU from Deuba camp reached to Koirala’s residence in Maharajgunj before the resignation. Over 52 former NSU office bearers too submitted their letter of disagreement on the occasion. “The committee was formed without our consent just for serving the interest of establishment faction,” said former NSU Vice-President and member of the preparatory committee Hrishikesh Jung Shah. He said that his team has urged Koirala to dissolve the committee form another with the consent and proportional representation from all the sides. According to him, Koirala has assured them to address their demands after holding discussion with party leaders. He also claimed that that the party is not willing to actually hold the elections of the student body.

NC on Sunday had formed 101-members — 28 from Deuba and remaining 73 from establishment faction — committee and a three-member election committee for holding the general convention of its student wing Nepal. The preparatory committee was formed from the majority decision by a three member team led by NC General Secretary Prakash Man Singh including Central Committee members Bal Bahadur KC and Surendra Pandey, formed to take a call on the NSU controversy. Pandey who is close to Deuba was against the decision arguing that it did not have the proportional representation and was formed against the spirit of agreement forged while reuniting the party. He has also announced his resignation and submitted it to the party chief secretary.