Political parties are scared with popularity of ex-king - Politics

Political parties are scared with popularity of ex-king

RPP Leader Kamal Thapa
RPP Leader Accused Political Parties that they are afraid with the popularity of ex-King.

Sept 23: Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Kamal Thapa on Sunday said that political parties are scared of rising popularity of ex-king Gaynendra Shah and therefore, are trying to obstruct the former monarch´s visit to Gandaki and Dhaulagiri zones. Addressing a district gathering of the cadres of RPP-N at Beshisahar, Thapa said, “After getting afraid of the growing number of the former king´s supporters during his current visit, political parties are saying that ex-king’s visit would weaken the republic.”

 “ What is the meaning of a such weak and unnatural republic?” the pro-royalist leader questioned. He was also of the opinion that the ex-king has right to travel to anywhere in the country as a common Nepali citizen. During the program, Thapa also accused top leaders of the four main political parties of pushing the country into jeopardy. However, he appreciated the political parties’ decision to go for fresh polls.