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Nepali Congress torn over draft charter

Kathmandu, Dec.17, 2018- Second Largest Political Party of Nepal and current opposition of the government of Nepal has organized central committee mini convention amid difference between main leaders for the party’s future agenda and path.
The rival factions of the Nepali Congress have failed to reach a consensus on amended party charter as General committee meeting reaches on third day.

The faction led by President Sher Bahadur Deuba and the rival camp of Ram Chandra Poudel could man oeuvre strategically to ensure the amendments favor their respective sides made difficult for a negotiations.
“Efforts are on to reach a consensus by Sunday evening. We have agreed on several issues apart from the modality of picking the party office bearers,” said senior leader Arjun Narsingh KC.

Besides tabling the amended party charter, a closed session of the meeting—which kicked off on Saturday—started deliberating on four reports presented by the party leaders.

A panel led by party General Secretary Purna Bhadur Khadka has already prepared a draft of the new party charter in line with the federal set up.

Apart from other provisions, senior NC leaders are divided mostly on increasing the number of party office bearers to 11 in new set up from the current six. According to the party leaders, the issue on the number of party’s office bearers, including the CWC members, remains the bone of contention between the rival factions.

“Leaders are divided over the number of elected office bearers and those to be nominated by the party president,” said KC.

During informal negotiations, both the factions have reach an understanding to increase the number of office bearers to 11, but they have yet to agree on the configuration—the number of elected office bearers and those nominated by the party president. Once the central committee forges consensus, it would be presented before the General assembly meeting.

More than 1,700 representatives, including members and observers, are attending the mega meeting which continues until December 18.

During the closed session on Sunday, General Secretary Shashank Koirala presented the organisational report while Treasurer Sitadevi Yadav submitted the financial report, and Joint General Secretary Prakash Sharan Mahat the economic proposal. The General assembly members are scheduled to deliberate on the three documents also on Monday.

Party Vice-president Bimalendra Nidhi had presented the party’s political report on Saturday. Being oldest political party of Nepal, Nepali congress has changed its original principle of Democratic monarchy and Hinduism in previous draft which led Nepal into federalism system but party has loss the election and it is down lined still.