Nepali Congress Agrees on Directly Elected President system - Politics

Nepali Congress Agrees on Directly Elected President system


APR 24, 2012 KATHMANDU – Nepal’s Oldest and one of the largest Political Party who long stood on the side of Constitutional Monarchy in the past and agreed to go for Federal Republic and now to directly elected Presidential system in Nepal in Near Future.

Nepali Congress (NC), which had long been advocating for parliamentary system of governance, has become flexible enough to agree on the directly elected presidential system as proposed by the UCPN (Maoist).

In a meeting of NC Parliamentary Party held in Singhadurbar, the top leaders of Congress informed that the big three parties are almost unanimous on directly elected presidential system and executive prime ministerial system where prime minister would be elected through the parliament.

However, NC would opt for the form of governance in which the prime minister is strong and divide the authority between the president and prime minister on the basis of constitution.

Meanwhile, separate meetings of Maoist, NC and CPN-UML have been held in the Constitution Assembly hall in New Baneshwor which have not brought any conclusive result though.