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Koirala Says Nepali Congress wont draw back its decisions

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Historical Political Party Nepali Congress cleared its stand of federalism with 7 states in New constitution of Nepal.

11 NOVEMBER 2014 KATHMANDU – In ongoing debate about the federalism and new constitution drafting in Nepal, Political parties are highly divided in their own ideology rather than finding a common ground of consensus to promulgate new constitution in Nepal by the mandated date of January 22, 2015.
In this scenario, Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala on Monday, November 10, 2014, laid a claim that the party will not draw back its recent decision on the seven-province federal model of the country.
Koirala says the proposal was readied by his party with utmost flexibility and based on well rounded discussions; therefore, the decision to go into seven provinces will not see any further changes.
At an event organised Monday in the capital to mark the birth centenary of Late Ganesh Man Singh, Prime Minister Koirala, underlining the inevitability of dialogue for consensus, said, all the disputed issues will be resolved by discussions and the new constitution will be promulgated, anyhow, by January 22, 2015.
On the occasion, Koirala talked about supreme leader Ganesh Man Singh’s contributions to establishing democracy in the country, and said that the NC will forever respect his ideologies.
Constituent Assembly Chairman Subash Nembang drew the attention of lawmakers to finalize the disputed issues of the new constitution through the means of dialogue. He said that the current trend of leaders, making their opinions public through press-conferences and mass-assemblies rather than holding peaceful discussions to resolve disputes, must come to an end.
Similarly, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development, Prakash Man Singh, said the achievements gained from people´s movement should be institutionalized by promulgating the new constitution even after going for due process if consensus could not be forged.
Nepali Congress will celebrate the birth-centenary of supreme-commander of the historic people’s movement in 2046 BS (1990 AD), Late Ganesh Man Singh, for a year, starting today.
Fondly remembered as the iron-man, Singh was born on 1915 November 9 Tuesday and had led many movements against the then ‘oppressive-regimes’ such as “Ranas, Panchayat and others.
Singh was a philosophical leader with Nepal in mind and soul, who had refused to hold the post of Prime Minister back in the 1990 after successful re-establishment of People’s democracy in Nepal. He has left the party’s supreme post and was not active in the parties activities after he could not bare the leaders from his own party involved in various off road activities and  died on September 18, 1997.

Source: Nepalnews